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Recruitment Timesheet Software


Win the pursuit for margins, cash flow and profitability.


Reap the benefits of reduced processing and administrative time, when processing timesheets and invoices.

Substantial efficiencies are now possible at both ends of processing, with FastTrack Recruitment Payroll Manager. Timesheet entries may be performed by clerical staff while independent processing frequencies for the billing of clients and payroll processing mean that cash flow and profitability can be optimised. Our recruitment timesheet software will help you with the following:

  • Make quick and effective timesheet entries, by either detailed or summary timesheet entry methods.
  • Define pay and charge weights at will.
  • Obtain pre-pay run timesheet reports for audit processing requirements.
  • Obtain real-time pay summaries of timesheets at any time, even prior to pay run rollover, without requiring batch processing.
  • Instantly retrieve processed employee timesheet histories.
  • Verify, review or amend job pay details prior to pay run rollover.
  • Base billing on timesheet data, independently of pay run processing.
  • Process invoices automatically by client group, as a batch after each pay run, or independently.
  • Process individual Job Order assignment invoices.
  • List unprocessed timesheets at will.