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A properly implemented CRM system can bring significant benefits to recruitment consultancies.


The importance of retaining existing clients and expanding your client and candidate pool is paramount to the success of your agency. The costs associated with finding new clients and recruiting new candidates to fill job orders means that every client and candidate within your system could be important.

How well you manage your interactions with your client base and your candidate pool is key, regardless of your agency size or industry. Successful recruitment consultancies build their reputation on long term relationships with satisfied clients and the quality of their candidates.

FastTrack’s fully integrated recruitment solution is a business philosophy, not just a technology – managing your customers’ and candidates needs enables you to build better relationships, deliver improved services, fill more job orders and in turn increase your revenue.

Take a look at how the FastTrack recruitment software solution can improve your client and candidate relationships.

Client Relationship Management

Designed for recruitment consultancies, FastTrack SkillsBase uniquely integrates data, and uses advanced search functionality enabling efficient, dynamic contact with clients converting contact into relationship management.

Specially designed for recruitment agencies, the FastTrack SkillsBase and Recruitment Manager software package uniquely integrates all your candidate data, and uses advanced capabilities to search across it. This enables contact with existing and prospective clients to become time-efficient, dynamic and meaningful.

Consider, for instance, the time to be saved by sending bulk e-mails and generating documents automatically; the efficiency of instantly allocating tasks among consultants; and the reassurance of faultlessly tracking all your client contacts.

  • Handle multiple clients, departments or divisions; identify these by industry group.
  • Record multiple contacts, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs, and mail codes. – Manage billing, mailing and location addresses.
  • Use the Keyword Library to profile client skills – for standard data entry, and to mix-and-match with Candidates.
  • Record client comments, history, and your notes of conversations, meetings and visits.
  • Flag for warnings and important messages.
  • Maintain client-billing requirements for Payroll Tax and GST status. – Automatically generate resumes and single or multiple letters in your own templates, to any individual or merged list for mail or e-mail.
  • Attach and track unlimited documents, of any file format or size.
  • Allocate tasks instantly to consultant ‘To Do’ lists for follow-up.

Candidate Relationship Management
Manage candidate relationships to ensure impressive contact, quickly matching the right person to the right job, with FastTrack’s three-tiered skills analysis for Permanent, Temporary, Contract or Casual availabilities.

Impress today’s candidates who may be your future clients.

Manage candidate relationships to ensure impressive contact, quickly matching the right person to the right job. FastTrack’s three-tiered skills analysis and availability for Permanent, Temporary, Contract or Casual vacancies.

Knowing that in the recruiting industry, today’s candidates can be tomorrow’s clients, you need the tools to ensure impressive contact, as you quickly match the right person to the right job. Use FastTrack’s three-tiered skills analysis to look for Permanent, Temporary, Contract or Casual vacancies and check candidate availability in a single recruitment database.

  • Use the Candidate Profile for recruitment consultants’ recommendations and interview details.
  • Store special notes, assignments to be avoided etc, in the Special Information area.
  • Record availability by date, days, and shifts per day.
  • Use the advanced search and tracking capability of FastTrack’s software to manage candidate grading, notice periods, active/inactive status.
  • Use unlimited skills listing and individual skills grading.
  • Specify different addresses for location and mailing requirements, including e-mail and URLs.
  • Track candidates’ interviews, CVs sent, short lists, rejections, withdrawals, job offers and placements at any time, using integrated Job Order referral history.
  • Store and retrieve action history, such as comments and notes, conversations, interview results, related information.
  • Perform advanced marketing and analysis through integrated and flexible searching facilities.
  • Track and search candidates’ previous work history.
  • Display candidates’ photographs in a variety of file formats.
  • Track and search by customisable, user-definable fields.