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Recruitment Payroll Software

163,846,000 payroll hours

processed p.a. without breaking a sweat.




Recruitment payroll software built for fast, accurate, payruns.

With intelligent, time-saving processes and workflows built in.

Time and Attendance

Highly configurable, highly mobile, automated timesheet processing. Streamline your entire time and attendance process online, backed by client review and approval.

Rates and Rules

Powerful rates and rules engine interprets and processes complex pay conditions/calculations and backpay with ease. Intelligently and automatically apply rates and rules to save time and reduce errors in timesheet processing. All while simultaneously interpreting bill results for invoicing.

Interpreter Review

Consistency, accuracy and audit ability is the result of automated awards interpretation. Remove risk and dependency on individual knowledge and expertise. Timesheets are seamlessly converted to pay and bill results for review, adjustment and approval before paying or billing.


A comprehensive payroll system that makes complex payroll processes simple, fast, and accurate. Also caters for labour hire and contracting too.

A tool kit of wizards guide users through payroll/billing processes to simplify the process and remove dependencies on individual knowledge.


Three-way management of leave & absence: book, view, forecast, approve and reject leave. There’s no limit to the number of leave codes, formulae or rules you can create. Your client and candidates can view, collaborate and manage leave unique to them, in real-time via Customer Self-service Portals. View Customer Self-service Portal

Payroll Management Reports

Get the full, big picture view of your business. The power of one system, one database means instant and seamless access to recruit, pay, bill data. Includes extensive out of the box Payroll reports.


A unified payroll and billing software platform

Offering the recruitment sector the only truly integrated, end-to-end, recruitment, payroll and billing software solution.

payslips are processed by FastTrack Payroll every week

                *Efficiency gains vary by client.

payroll hours processed p.a.


reduction in payroll errors.



Payroll Software Solutions

Payroll functions are among the most involved, time-consuming and time critical functions in any recruitment business.
Only ruthless efficiency gets your candidates paid and clients billed correctly… and on time.

Manage and maintain accurate, internal and external payee records of entitlements and superannuation contributions, making administration straightforward. 38 Payee record

The one streamlined system caters for all payee requirements in the recruitment industry including labour hire, contracting, office and administrative support outsourcing and various temporary services. 41 Pay Batch wizard step 1

Dynamic reporting puts reports at your disposal at any time, with no need to wait for the end of a cycle or pay run. For example, billing volumes are available by consultant and client, while other reports address a range of industry specific management needs.

Maintain the integrity of your system. FastTrack360 user ID and password security optimises staff functions including logging of audit trails. 50 Audit Trail 1

Manage your tax obligations – ATO and IRD compliant. End-of-financial-year processing produces files and reports required by the authorities. Tax scale changes are updated as part of our product maintenance service.

Reap the benefits of reduced processing and administrative time when processing timesheets and invoices. Substantial efficiencies are now possible at both ends of payroll processing. Timesheet entries may be performed by candidates or clerical staff, while independent processing frequencies for the billing of clients and payroll processing mean that cashflow and profitability can be optimised. time-and-attendance-additional-claims            time-and-attendance            time-and-attendance-attach-receipt

Timesheet Entry

Depending on your timesheet entry and approval workflows, Client Contacts, Candidates or Agency users can enter timesheets. They can record Attendance/ Absence with Start/End times, or select already pre-interpreted records.

Intelligent Rates and Agreements

Supporting rate variations for job orders, appropriate rates can be automatically applied to timesheets to really save time and reduce errors.

Job Order – Standard Rates
  • Assign Standard Rates to the Job Order where you can define the Pay Rate.
  • See the On Cost and overall Bill Rate and Gross Profit.

15 Job Order Standard Rates

Job Order – Agreement Rates

Select predefined agreements, assign condition variables to Job Orders and let the Rates and Agreements module work it’s magic, assigning the appropriate rates based on Job Order Hierarchy. 14 Job Order Agreement Rates

Supporting your teams to work together

Streamline payroll processes through a single recruit, pay, billing system that’s built for speed and accuracy.

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