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Cloud based recruitment software like no other.

FastTrack360 is the complete recruit, pay, bill solution that brings your Consultants, Clients and Talent pool together, to grow your business.




Simplify, rationalise, and grow your business
with just one system.

Pay Bill Recruit Portal Portal


Reach out to the right talent in the right places to build your talent pool. Recruit360 helps recruiters source, analyse, manage and nurture connections with high quality candidates.

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Reduce processing and administration time and reap the rewards. Bill360 gives you better oversight of client billings, and the flexibility to bill clients independent of candidate pay cycles.
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Collaborate with customers for faster, more accurate, streamlined recruitment payroll processing. Pay360 automation and workflows support efficient, effective payroll management.
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Self-service Portals

Bring customers into the fold with 24/7 Client and Candidate Self-service. Attract and retain customers, with highly productive interactions, while instantly reducing administrative overhead.
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Your recruitment process just happens.

Perm, temp, contract labour or contingent workforce, FastTrack360 makes complex workforce Recruit-Pay-Bill tasks simple: centralised administration, faster candidate processing, self-configurable invoice/billing workflows, Client and Candidate Self-service Portals.

Mobile, accurate, fast and scalable, it brings all your business critical, recruitment processes into one place. It delivers the depth and breadth of features, functions, quality and robust performance that only 23+ years of industry leadership and experience brings.


An evolution in recruitment.

From a big picture view to drilling down to the finer details, FastTrack360 lets you gather data across your entire business – front, middle and back office, with the added benefits of cloud technology.

You get the whole picture of what’s happening, in real-time, gaining better insights, so you can respond quickly and recalibrate as needed.

See how full end to end reporting works on our cloud recruitment software.
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FastTrack360 is built for speed because time is money.

A recruitment management system created to simplify complex
recruitment, payroll and billing processes and workflows across your entire business.

FastTrack’s end-to-end recruitment system delivers cross functional efficiency and bottom line performance.
Unlike discrete ATS or recruitment payroll systems requiring integration with multiple databases,
FastTrack360 is one system, one database.


All aspects of your recruitment process and activity in one place. Access to view, retrieve, report on recruit, pay and billing information is instantaneous, secure and with real-time accuracy.

Recruitment Manager

Applicant tracking that empowers your consultants to perform recruitment tasks more effectively.

Manage your front office recruitment/referral workflow including: candidate search, source, select and place; job orders; and communicating with stakeholders involved in the end-to-end recruitment process.

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Time & Attendance

Highly configurable, highly mobile, automated timesheet processes.

Streamline your entire time and attendance process online, backed by client review and approval.

Rates & Rules

Powerful rates and rules engine interprets and processes complex pay calculations, leave, pay conditions and wages with ease. Intelligently and automatically apply rates and rules to save time and reduce errors in timesheet processing.

Interpreter Review

Consistency, accuracy and audit ability is the result of automated awards interpretation.

Remove risk and dependency on individual knowledge and expertise. Timesheets are seamlessly converted to pay and bill results for review, adjustment and approval before paying or billing.


A comprehensive payroll system that makes complex payroll processes simple, fast, and accurate. Caters for labour hire, contracting, office and administrative support outsourcing, various temporary services, including permanent placements.

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Precise client billing built-in for reliable, real time accounts receivable data; and the simplicity, and convenience of batch driven processes.

Leverage billing automation to reduce errors and eliminate manual intervention, supportting faster, more accurate billing and revenue generation.

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There’s no limit to the number of leave codes, formulae or rules you can create.

Your candidates can view, and collaborate with your consultants, managing leave unique to them, in real-time via Customer Self-service Portals.

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With an in-built report designer that supports mobility and scheduling of reports, DIY any custom reports you need, when you need, and distribute to those you need.

The power of one system, one database means instant and seamless access to recruit, pay, bill data. Get the full, big picture view of your entire business with an intuitive, easy to use report builder.


Connect, Communicate, Collaborate.

Meet the rising expectations of connected customers while bringing your consultants, customers and workforce closer together.

Stay connected

When your customers need help – placement, timesheet, payslip or billing questions, account or candidate engagement – be available with 24/7 access to Client and Candidate Self-service Portals.

Easy to communicate

Bridge the gap between the availability of your teams’ time, and your customers’ demand for it. FastTrack360 keeps the communication flow going without the demand on time poor consultants.

Power in collaboration

Harnessing the rise for 24/7 customer service, and the enthusiasm for customers to self-service, the FastTrack360 time saving tools offers a truly collaborative approach to running your business.




Highly configurable workflows for recruitment, referral, pay and billing will keep your staff super productive and focused on nurturing client relationships and creating more value for customers.


Fasttrack360 - Workflows

FastTrack360 - Customise to your brand


Customise to your brand.

You can make FastTrack360 your own with DIY customisation tools that enable you to align your communications to your corporate brand. Transform your customer self-service portals, payslips and invoices to display your brand. The number of unique ‘look-and-feel’ layouts is only limited by your imagination.


Inspire the next recruitment innovation.

FastTrack360 in the cloud frees up your teams to think and act strategically.

Front Office Recruitment

Your consultants can focus on more productive, high value interactions, building deeper relationships that are critical to the success and growth of your business.


Leaders can easily identify, measure and analyse factors like consultant performance; where fees will be coming from; anticipated margins – and how to control them.

IT Departments

IT can concentrate on moving the business forward; be a valuable partner in business development, focused on introducing new innovations and services or expand into new businesses.

Customer Service

Service teams can answer the demand for high impact service with low consultant drain; enable them to listen, respond and delight your customers in ways not possible before.

Re-imagine your business with



Supporting your teams to work together

FastTrack360 pools the efforts of your entire recruit, payroll and billing teams to engage customers and nurture your relationships.


Connect with a FastTrack specialist.

We’ll help you choose the right fit for your recruitment needs – recruit, pay, bill or all three.

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