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3…2…1….blast off

Polaris is here!

Latest software release

Where does FastTrack360 Polaris shine brightest?

Where do we start?!

Here’s some of the highlights of what you can expect from the FastTrack360 Polaris release.

One big difference you will notice immediately from Polaris is speed. With minimal front-end user impact or process changes, we tinkered under the hood so you’ll experience system performance improvements from day one, while allowing you to explore improved usability and responsiveness at your own leisure.

So if you’re already a FastTrack360 user, you’ll be able to jump right in with zero learning curve. Let’s take a look.

Improved User Experiences

We’ve been working to make your FastTrack360 experience faster, delivering information in a significantly faster way. We’re excited to roll out the faster experience to users across our FastTrack360 platform.

Beyond just saving you time with faster loading screens on Client, Job Order, Candidate and Dashboard pages, you’ll find more enhancements designed to make life easier.

Dive into the new and improved Mobile Timesheet experience

You determine your users Mobile Timesheet experience via the FastTrack360 Client or Candidate Self Service Portal by setting user default views.

When accessing Module Timesheets from the Customer Self Service Portals, regardless of the device, the PC (Silverlight) or lighter, mobile friendly, HTML5 version will be completely cohesive and interchangeable, based on the users’ experience settings.

While direct access from mobile devices to the Mobile Timesheets app will always be responsive, Mobile Timesheets is now officially device agnostic. Even align your brand to the experience with DIY branding.

Finance Integration transforms ‘busy’ to ‘productive’

Built into the FastTrack360 platform, the NEW Finance Integration module mean you can now export financial transactions, in a standardised format, from FastTrack360.

You can audit what has been exported, or re-export as needed, and view and export the transactional data for reporting.

There’s no need for custom finance integration unless you have very specific needs. Even with bespoke needs, the effort required is significantly reduced as the bones are already there!

Find out more about FastTrack360’s Finance Integration in the FastTrack360 Online Help Centre.

Capture, organize, edit and manage made easy

Leave Management

You’ll find a whole set of new variables to help better manage and configure simple to complex leave accrual requirements, prompted by New Zealand’s sick leave accrual requirements for continuous employment.

  • New Leave Set Rule checkbox for recalculating continuous service on leave entitlements / accruals for late / adjustment timesheets.
  •  New Accrual Rule Fields for repeating rules as needed.
  •  Preconditions for gaps in service and the subsequent actions needed.
  •  New accrual conditions for continuous employment to define eligibility rules.
  •  New Transfer Rule to define entitlement transfers.
  •  New Reset Rule used, for example, where the Payee can only use their entitlements within a 12 month period.

Payee Management

To add usability, Payee Leave transaction details and balances can now be viewed from the Payee record.

Latest software release
Latest software release

Timesheet Management

Every now and then a Timesheet may not be right. It may have been submitted with the wrong rates, or incorrect pay/bill setup. What do you do?

Don’t close and recreate a new job, reverse the offending Timesheet instead with FastTrack360 Polaris. A Timesheet reversal clears the timesheet, removing the connection between it and the job. You can then edit the job as needed and resubmit the timesheet for processing as long as there are no historical timesheets keyed.

Contribute to your bottom line

Invoice rounding improvements means you can now continue to display invoices to 2 decimal places but the system back end calculations can round down up to 6 decimal places. It all adds up.

Go all in with across the board maintenance improvements

Across the board, improvements have been made to

  • Password Policy Management for improved security practices, including password resets on Mobile Timesheets.
  • Leave accruals
  • Superstream flexibility on reporting negative amounts
  • Resume parsing processes with better logic, work history, work history dates, and less truncation.

Get a better view with Support and Service Transparency

See whether you’re connected anytime, anywhere via the online status built into the Dashboard.

And when you need help? The Online Help tool has grown to include even more information to support your business.

Got an Idea? Add it to the Ideas Pool.

Submit product enhancement ideas directly through the FastTrack360 Online Help tool and includes an FAQ section and how you’re updated about progress.

Houston, we have a problem.

Is it a bug? Do I log a support ticket? Do I have time to provide all the details? These are the questions that Known Issues list will help resolve.

You’ll be able to see a list of known issues within the FastTrack Online Help tool including: where it was found, the release version, the tracking number, a brief description, any known workarounds, and expected resolution timeframes. If another users has already identified and logged the issue with us you won’t have to. You can track progress by noting the Known Issue tracking number.

Tame the data beast

No more disk space surprises. Now you’ll always know how much disk space you’ve used and when you’re likely to reach your limit.

And to help tame the beast even more, you can configure Outlook extensions to only accept specific file types to add to your FastTrack360, removing unwanted images that take up valuable disk space.

For a full run-through of what’s new just login to FastTrack360 and go to Online Help.