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Know instantly the status of any recruitment Job Order.


Facilitate seamless contact with clients and candidates, knowing instantly the status of any Job Order with FastTrack features.

Use the features of FastTrack software to facilitate your seamless contact with clients and candidates. Know instantly the status of any Job Order; know where people are, using graphical charts showing all assignment rosters; track referrals, by candidate or clients; easily generate ‘To Do’ lists and custom letters; make referrals and fill Job Orders with a mouse-click.

  • Support Job Orders for Temporary, Permanent, Labour Hire, Contract and Casual.
  • Add tasks through the Job Order ‘To Do’ function and automatically apply this information to Client and Candidate records.
  • Allocate and track Job Order requirements and skills.
  • See Job Order pay/bill rates at a glance.
  • Allocate days per week, or shifts per day required.
  • Manage and track the Job Order life cycle, maintaining historical data for future reference.
  • Search from any angle using the FastTrack advanced database search engine.
  • Save time by duplicating any type of Job Order at will.
  • Track the quality of interactions, with records of client feedback and employee performance details.
  • True seamless integration with FastTrack Recruitment Payroll Manager software to manage Temp, Casual, Labour Hire and your Contractor work force:
  • Special pay or billing details that appear automatically during timesheet entry and in FastTrack Payroll.
  • Allocation of job tasks, allowances and deductions, transferred to timesheet entry.