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Strengthen your business management with FastTrack’s powerful and flexible reporting functions

Strengthen your business management by bringing any desired recruitment information up in standard or easily customised report formats, on screen, or direct to printer. Readily evaluate any activity to identify areas needing remedial action.

  • Use any search criteria.
  • Quickly and easily convert search results into reports in a variety of formats.
  • Export reports to other applications in international standard formats.
  • Produce reports from individual records.
  • Includes AU and NZ statutory reports that are legislative compliant.
    • Australian Workcover, Payroll, Superannuation
    • New Zealand IR348, IR345, KS1 (NZ superannuation equivalent)

Payroll reports at your disposal.

Dynamic reporting puts reports at your disposal at any time, with no need to wait for the end of a cycle or pay run. For example, billing volumes are available by consultant and client, while other reports address a range of industry specific management needs.

    • Obtain reports by summary and detailed end-of-month, YTD and end-of-payrun.

Review Temporary, Contract and Labour Hire sales reports by consultant, client and volume.

  • Timesheet detail and verification reports.
  • List unprocessed Timesheets at will.
  • Retrieve detailed and summary Transaction reports including interpreted timesheet results reports.
  • View deductions.
  • Produce detailed PAYG and GST reports.
  • Produce detailed Payroll Tax statements to accompany payroll tax invoices.
  • Obtain detailed workers’ compensation and superannuation contribution reports by end-of-month, YTD and custom date ranges.
  • Check superannuation contributions, reported by fund names.
  • Track leave liabilities instantly.
  • Access Termination Register reports.