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FastTrack recruitment software features a comprehensive range of the latest cybersecurity measures.

FastTrack taking cybersecurity to the next level

Mohan Shanmugarajah, Technology Team Leader, FastTrack Recruitment

Cybersecurity is very important for any modern-day organisation, but particularly so if you're in the business of HR, hiring or payroll. The implications of a cyberattack on a company's reputation are too high, especially if it results in a leak of personal information such as contact addresses or salary details. Recruitment agencies and labour hire organisations are duty-bound to protect the information they hold on their staff and candidate clients.

"FastTrack360 recruitment software features a comprehensive range of security measures."

Advantages of FastTrack

FastTrack360 recruitment software features a comprehensive range of security measures to deter the most determined hackers. Protection is provided all the way through the system – from user access points to the application server hosting the data. We have different security measures in different places, to protect client data and the server from various kinds of attacks.

Importantly, there are two layers of security a user must pass through in order to access FastTrack data. In contrast, many other software solutions only offer one layer. Furthermore, we have taken this to another level – physically separating databases housing information from different clients. This makes it impossible for clients to access each other's data, and gives FastTrack a unique advantage in the market as most other software service providers don't physically disconnect client databases.

FastTrack security measures include the physical separation of servers hosting different clients' data.FastTrack software security involves the physical separation of data from different customers.

As an over-riding security principle, our developers and support people are not permitted to access any data without first obtaining consent from the clients. If there is any need to investigate a specific database to diagnose a technical problem, we ask the client for their permission for a short period of time to do this. Our developers are trained to ensure they understand these security principles we have in place.

"Protection is provided all the way through the system – from user access points to the application server hosting the data."

Security best practice

We also educate our clients on security best practice when using FastTrack. This starts right from the project implementation phase, when one of our consultants will come to talk to the client about how to use the software. That's when we provide all details and explain the security measures in place. We talk about how we store the data, how we encrypt it, and what other facilities are available to protect the data.

Clients often have to comply with their own IT security policies about emails, usernames and passwords – for example, a password has to be nine digits and use a combination of numeric, alphabetic and extra characters. FastTrack software can of course be configured to allow such features during the implementation phase. After the software has been rolled out, our customer support team are then available on a day-to-day basis to help customers, to remind clients of the security features in place and to make sure they are using them correctly.

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