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Scale x Efficiency x Accuracy

FastTrack system users

full time equivalents paid p.a.

pay to bill hrs processed p.a.

Years serving the Recruitment Industry


Cut through the noise.

So similar, yet so different in one critical way. Discover what end-to-end really means.

Why FastTrack?

Customer Engagement

One powerful system that lets you see, respond, and deliver more valuable and meaningful staffing services to your customers.

Built for performance

Manage your entire perm, temp or contract business with a single recruit, pay, bill platform that guarantees performance and cuts costs.

Power of collaboration

Open up new service channels for customers to proactively collaborate with you, creating productive interactions, while freeing consultants to focus on higher value activities.

Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

Bringing your consultants, customers and workforce together, multiple built-in communication channels facilitate proactive customer engagement.

From start to finish, every step in the recruitment process becomes an opportunity to interact and collaborate.

The end result – a highly engaged client & talent pool.




FastTrack360 makes it easier.


Cloud Technology

No server, no maintenance – your IT team can concentrate on competitive innovation

Global Coverage

Your most proven recruit, pay, bill solutions, anywhere in the world

Customer Relationship Management

Enables and nutures effective client, candidate and workforce relationships

Self Service Portals

24/7 access to real time or historical data and management for clients and candidates

Gain Better Insight

Gather insights and data across your entire recruit, pay, bill business

Highly Portable

Available to your team, clients and workforce anywhere, anytime via smart devices, laptops and netbooks

Supports Healthy Cashflow

A streamlined recruitment, payroll and billing system to keep your cash flowing

Low Cost Investment

NO license fees. No upfront capital costs. “Pay as you grow” subscriptions

Fully Supported

Local support to make it easier for you to do business

Unparalleled experience

When you choose FastTrack, you not only choose a reliable, robust recruitment system to manage your entire business, you choose a trusted team with 23+ years of recruitment industry experience and knowledge.

The leading provider of recruitment software to the industry.

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